If you do, you win que regalar por cumpleaños a mi novia the amount shown in the red section.
Please note, the colours and numbers of this form are remarkably similar to above form for Quintuple Plus.Some lottery office syndicates will form associations with other lottery offices, and/or produce tickets which will cover several lotteries.The prize will be between 1 and 35,000euro.Select and mark with a cross, 5 numbers in as many sections as you wish, then select, and mark with a cross, 2 numbers in the accompanying box.It is not available as a lucky dip.You then scratch the suns and if you reveal a similar symbol as in the top section, you win the amount stated.
The prize will be between 2euro and 50,000euro.
The Thursday ticket is mainly white, and usually a nature picture in the centre and costs 3 euro.
If you reveal 2 heads (cara) or 2 tails (cruz) on the same row, you win the amount shown when you scratch premio.The winning combinations are:- 3 numbers from the first column; 3 numbers from the first column and the winning jockey; 4 numbers; 4 numbers plus winner; 5 numbers; 5 numbers plus winner; 6 numbers; 6 numbers plus winner.The prize will be between 1euro and 10,000euro.However, it is common for ticket sellers to know their customers, and will sell tickets to the under-aged.If you reveal a number which matches the bonus coin, you win double the amount shown.The ticket is larger than normal, and the colour is mainly blue and red.