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Gehen?.; Podemos ir a?
( sun ) vale descuento amazon 2018 tramontare, calare ; ( person, downstairs ) scendere, andar giù ; ( sink, ship ) affondare ; ( person ) andar sotto; ( be defeated ) crollare that should go down well with him dovrebbe incontrare la sua approvazione.Wie macht der Hund?; go like that (with your left foot) mach so (mit deinem linken Fuß there goes the bell es klingelt take away US large fries to go eine große Portion Fritten zum Mitnehmen comparison?To keep going ( moving forward ) seguir ; ( enduring ) resistir, aguantar ; ( functioning ) seguir funcionando to keep sb going: this medicine kept him going esta medicina le daba fuerzas para seguir a cup of coffee is enough to keep him.Für wie viel wurde das Haus verkauft?; going, going, gone!( Brit ) ( Univ ) ( at end of term ) marcharse ; ( at end of degree ) terminar la carrera, dejar la universidad.( pej ) qué manera de comportarse!No matter where they come from, only craft suds make the cut sorry bros, no Bud, Miller, or Coors to be had so MIT students and fussy frost-top hounds can usually be found staring wide-eyed at the mammoth chalkboard drinks list until they finally force.(of a bomb etc ) to explode.
Ahora sí que la has hecho buena!
To be given, sold etc.To have a go (Brit) es versuchen, es probieren ; to have a go at doing something versuchen or probieren, etw zu tun ; have a go!( match, combine with ) colours, clothes hacer juego, pegar ( with con) mustard and lamb don't go; mustard doesn't go with lamb la mostaza no va bien con el cordero la mostaza no pega con el cordero cava goes well with anything el cava.Benimle akam yemeine çkmak ister misiniz?( enter ) entrare.( examine, check ) report, figures examinar, revisar.At or in one go auf einen Schlag (inf) ; (drink) in einem Zug (inf)?( run ) how does that song go?